The fight for places in the Europa League zone, like the Bundesliga itself, is in a decisive stage. The density in the table is such that Cologne and Werder Bremen only of the last round secured themselves from relegation, let alone high places? Although both teams are worthy of European cups, so there should be a real battle at Rein Energi Stadioni. Let the 4 previous meetings between Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. Cologne and Bremen ended in a draw, now the division of points should not satisfy anyone – the rivals are just waiting for mistakes to take away the coveted places in Europe. Therefore, both teams must play exclusively to win. For Werder Bremen this is a familiar thing, Bremen are now in crazy shape.

At the same time, “Cologne” did not lose at home for a long time, but in the past five matches, “Kozly” lost twice. Peter Steger and company understand that playing at home against a direct competitor is very responsible. Gotta win. To continue the fight for places in the European competition zone, both teams must fight for victory at any cost, and under such conditions, goals will certainly be.