Project Description


In community service programs we help and support to construct and supply the needs of the community. They are building schools, roads, community centers, hospitals, etc. In February 2020 we did a drinking water supply project in the Chepang community.  Chepang is a semi-nomads tribe that lives in the mid-west of Nepal who usually lives in a cave and thatched houses relying on the production of crops such as maize, millet, and banana. Chepang is one of the vulnerable communities of Nepal very low in developments.

Due to poverty, lack of facilities for clean water supply, the Chepang community is often in bad health especially children, old people, and women. Therefore we took an initiative to bring access to clean drinking water to two villages of Ghaiyabari and Heurang in Makwanpur district. The project was constructed by cutting edge relief, USA in association with Angalo Nepal by the financial support from cornerstoneTv network USA. Our next water project in the 3rd village that is Kuiton village of Makwanpur district is underwork.

Drinking water project.
Clean Water Supply for 50 Chepang family.
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